A vida resolve-se sozinha

It's portuguese and means something like: "Life solves itself". But what exactly does it mean? The author of the sentence, Catarina Beato, believes that in those moments when everything seems upside down and the answers insist on not showing up, that we should let the dust settle around us and see more clearly. We are still, serene, attentive and notice that life gives us the answer.  



 21x30 cm

¼ x 11 ¾ in

 30x40 cm

11 ¾ x 15 3 ¾ in

 40x50 cm

15 ¾ x 19 ⅝ in

 50x70 cm

19 ¾ x 27 ½ in

 61x91 cm

24 x 36 in

 70x100 cm

27 ½  x 39 ¼ in

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